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David Troquier
“At this point in my journey, I have probably drawn more than 500 sketches with hundreds of characters. All of them have played an important role in my Cartoon Bombing photo adventure.”

David Troquier is a French artist living in Amsterdam who has always had a love for comic books. He studied fine arts in France where he was strongly influenced by street artists. The mix of reality with craft, drawings and paintings amazed him. So, in his world of Cartoon Bombing, Troqman combines his love for sketches and comics with reality.


Cartoon Bombing

by Troqman

Cartoon bombing is an art form introduced by David Troquier, aka Troqman on Instagram, in 2013. He combines street art with sketch art and intertwines stories and characters with his surroundings. 

Cartoon Bombing, the book, is a compilation of Troqman’s art adventures and contains a big selection of his work, shown in beautiful photographs.